Discover How To Create PASSIVE-INCOME-PRODUCING BLOGS In Mere Minutes

17 Mar, 2021

Welcome to the Best Blogging Software on the Planet!

Discover How To Create PASSIVE-INCOME-PRODUCING BLOGS In Mere Minutes

After nine years from its first release, BlogHatter is the most powerful blogging tool that has really helped thousands of people to make money by blogging

Blogging is HOT!

Dear Friend,

Few things on the Internet are as hot right now as blogs. At last count there were well over 100 million blogs and that number is rapidly rising every day.

The growing popularity of blogs naturally leads entrepreneurs such as you and I to ask - So how can we make money from this phenomenon... without having to write every day?

Introducing BlogHatter ...

You've heard the term black hat? It refers to those underground, borderline illegal or just plain illegal techniques and programs that the "bad guys (blackhatters)" use to make a financial killing online.

Well, let me assure you there is nothing illegal about BlogHatter ... though people who don't own the program are sure to start screaming that it must be illegal once they start seeing the profits it produces.

So what exactly is BlogHatter?

It's a cutting-edge software program that allows users to create high-quality blogs in a mere matter of minutes.

The simple truth is thanks to this incredible software program it has never been easier to create passive-income-producing blogs that contain images, relevant videos, high-quality content and much more!

BlogHatter is NOT a Black Hat Tool ... It Just Produces Results (i.e. Cash)!

Features You'll Love

Modern Interface

The easy-to-use interface allows you with just a few clicks to create high quality blogs using the most used blog platforms: Blogger.com and Wordpress

Blog Auto-Configuration

You will be able to work with your blogs in less than a minute. You only have to enter your blog's address and BlogHatter will do the rest

Post Management

Ability to schedule posts on a random basis without having to deal with things like cron jobs or setting up scripts! You don't even have to go near Cpanel when using BlogHatter.

BlogHatter Screenshots

Do more with BlogHatter

Manage all your blogs

Put all your Blogs into the same place

Create high quality Blogs using the most used blog platforms Blogger.com (which is free) and Wordpress

BlogHatter is able to manage Blogger.com and Wordpress (self hosted) blogs. Just configure your blogs into BlogHatter using the simple step by step wizard

Do you have 100 blogs? No worries, BlogHatter is able to manage all of them.

Manage your content

Use the full WYSIWYG HTML editor to manually edit your posts

Import articles from files: do you have tons of PLR articles on your hard-disk. Put them into your blogs with just one click!

Use the full WYSIWYG HTML editor to manually edit your posts Yes, BlogHatter has a full HTML editor to quickly and visually edit your blog posts

Automatically schedule your blog to automatically update...

Improve the perceived quality of your blog by importing images and video!

BlogHatter allows you to search and import videos from Youtube without leaving the software BlogHatter will allow you to put images from your hard-disk: BlogHatter will automatically upload the images onto your blog via FTP or using the inbuild upload functionality of Wordpress.

Rewrite your content

Add or Remove any kind of text or script to any of your posts

Replace keywords with your synonyms, replace keywords with links, add any kind of text (supports spintax), remove links, images, text, script... The Replacement Tool is awesome.

Make REALLY UNIQUE content using TheBestSpinner API.

Yes, BlogHatter supports TheBestSpinner API! Automatically rewrite your articles using this amazing technology.

Need Fresh Content? BlogHatter supports ArticleBuilder API to automatically create (or inject) new content into your blog

What my Customers Says

"...I use it and it's worth every cent and much much more."

Geoff Shaw

"Any blogger should have this mighty weapon in their arsenal!"

Ed van Eeden (niche marketer)

"...I have even recommended it to my Members"

Mike Johnsonwww.autoblogblueprint.com

"...everything works now and I really appreciate the customer support"


"...You have proved to not just promise support but actually deliver it"

Mr Bearly

"...No longer tied to my desktop"

Debbie Walsh

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